Redefining The Center Position

Why didn’t Okafor work out for the Sixers? Okafor is best with the ball in hands, posting up another player on the low block. His footwork around the basket is impeccable—it is what made him worthy of the third overall selection. But, Okafor’s strengths are also his weakness. Okafor only makes the team better when the ball is in his hand. He also is a … Continue reading Redefining The Center Position

Lebron James to the Sixers?

Yes, the Sixers are finally relevant. It has taken a long time for this season to arrive. We went through several single digit win seasons; we saw our general manager Sam Hinkie resign—the mastermind behind “the process”. Quite frankly, even true fans cannot believe that this day is possible: reasonably speculating that Lebron James—the best basketball player in the world and the most prominent sports … Continue reading Lebron James to the Sixers?

The Night Joel Embiid Made History

Last Wednesday, the Philadelphia Sixers faced the Los Angeles Lakers. There was great anticipation for the game due to the hype surrounding Lonzo Ball. The Sixers duo—Embiid and Simmons—has voiced their opinion on Ball’s father and looked forward to this meeting. While Simmons put up an impressive triple double, it was Joel Embiid who had a greater impact, making history in the process. Joel Embiid … Continue reading The Night Joel Embiid Made History

Yes, The Sixers Have Arrived

The Philadelphia 76ers currently sit tied for eighth spot in the the Eastern Conference early in the year. Yes, that is about where we expected our young team to be fifteen games into the season. The season thus far has been a pleasure to watch as the young team has fought in every game despite the score. What makes the team so unique is that … Continue reading Yes, The Sixers Have Arrived

Fultz Fiasco

Last week, I wrote an article about Markelle Fultz’s disgusting free throw. The developments in the past week have raised serious concern about Fultz’s situation and how the Sixers have handled it. Breaking down the sequence of events will display the chaotic mess. When the Sixers selected Markelle Fultz with the first overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, nobody could have ever envisioned his … Continue reading Fultz Fiasco

Joel Embiid Minutes Restriction

As a Sixers fan, I am upset how they have handled the Joel Embiid situation. What is frustrating about the entirety of the situation is that Embiid is heading into his fourth season; at this point, the Sixers need to let Embiid prove himself because he is no longer their prized rookie. Instead of looking out for Embiid’s well being, protecting him for the future, … Continue reading Joel Embiid Minutes Restriction

Fultz’s Serious Free Throw Problem

A large takeaway from the first game includes Markelle Fultz’s new free throw shot. It appears that during the offseason, Fultz decided to change the form of his free throw shot because he hit only 65 percent of his free throws in colleges. His new shot, in the video below, is awkward and unnatural. Fultz begins by holding the ball near his waist, raises it … Continue reading Fultz’s Serious Free Throw Problem