Jim Schwartz and John Defilippo Likely To Depart Eagles After This Season

After an impressive 13-3 season, many of the Philadelphia Eagles assistants and coordinators will be interviewed for head coaching jobs, most notably Jim Schwartz and John Defilippo. Both coaches have been a great part of the Eagles success and deserve to be head coaches in the NFL.

Schwartz has the Eagles as a top-five defense despite key injuries throughout the season, especially a season-ending injury to Jordan Hicks in Week 7. The Eagles finished fourth in points allowed per game (18.4) and fourth in yards allowed per game (306.5). The Eagles are third in opponents third-down conversion percentage (32.2%) and first in opponents fourth down conversion percentage (22.22%). Philadelphia is also first in the NFL in rush defense (79.2 yards per game).

In just two seasons, Schwartz has transformed the NFL’s 30th-ranked defense in 2015 to the fourth-ranked defense. The Eagles have not experienced this type of success since the late, great Jim Johnson was at the helm. Schwartz is greatly respected by his players: many of his former players have even followed him to the Eagles. What makes Schwartz unique and brilliant is his ability to take ordinary players, who are either cut or soon-to-be busts and turn them into productive, elite players. Brandon Graham, a former first round draft pick, struggled mightily during the Chip Kelly ERA. He even called himself a bust. And, this season under Schwartz, Graham leads the team with 8.5 sacks. Nigel Bradham, a mediocre and former backup player for the Buffalo Bills, currently leads the Linebackers group with an aggressive playing style. Patrick Robinson, a former first round draft pick and veteran journeyman, has blossomed into a productive cornerback, leading the Eagles in interceptions.. Not only has Schwartz been able to implement his wide nine defensive philosophy but he has also gained trust and respect from his players with his undeniable love and passion for football. The combination has fostered a nurturing environment, transforming the Eagles into one of the best defenses in the league.

Although it is unusual, it appears that John Defilippo, a Quarterbacks coach will be a NFL head coach next season. Defilippo is responsible for grooming the young quarterback Carson Wentz;  he works with Wentz on his mechanics, mental approach, and analysis of game film.As Carson Wentz has developed into an elite quarterback and MVP candidate, teams around the league will try to copy this approach, especially those with a  young quarterback prospect on the roster or plan on acquiring one this offseason.


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