Our Teams Represent Our City

Philadelphia may be known for significant landmarks and rowdy fans, but we are most known for our culture and deep history. We have cradled some of the greatest in music, television and comedy. Philadelphia has been the home to legends Kobe Bryant, Billie Holiday, Will Smith and Grace Kelley. The common denominator among all these figures is that they exemplify our deep roots and connections.

Even as Philadelphians move away from the city to more glamour and prestige like New York or Los Angeles, our shared blood carries with us throughout every move. We may go to other cities, but we will never lose our Philadelphian identity that makes us unique.

We may be intense, rowdy, rude, or even obnoxious, but it all stems from our love and passion. These qualities are inherent in all Philadelphians, but they are most applicable to our relationship with our sports teams.

What is alluring about the Eagles and the Sixers more than their recent success is that they embody our characteristics through their play—that is what makes their success even more gratifying.

The Eagles are the best team in the NFL, but their passion on the field is undeniable. It starts with our quarterback Carson Wentz, who reportedly arrives to the practice facility before 5 AM everyday. He is a true student of the game. His passion is evident: after making any mistake on the field, Wentz will be upset with himself and start preparing for the next drive. When the camera points to him, he is always on the tablet, learning from his mistakes. There are few quarterbacks that stay in the pocket to complete the throw despite knowing that he will get hit. Wentz loves to win; his passion and love for football are transparent before our eyes. On defense, players like Nigel Bradham and Malcolm Jenkins play Philly-tough with an edge to themselves, making big hits to lift the morale of the team. Jalen Mills is always passionate and fiery tuned, angry and ready to redeem himself after a mistake. Our front four is physical and able to get to the quarterback. The story of Brandon Graham encompases the spirit of our city. At one point in his career, Graham called himself a bust. After working hard and finding his place in Jim Schwartz’s defense, he has resurrected his career. One thing is clear: we do not give up in Philly, no matter the circumstances.

With the Sixers, it is even more clear that they embody our City. It all starts with Joel Embiid. We like our superstars to be great but we also want to connect with them. Joel Embiid is the epitome of what we want in our stars. His funny tweets, post game press conferences, and in game antics make him admirable to watch. But, when it is time to play, Embiid fights for every loose ball and goes up for every block. Despite going through several surgeries that have forced him to miss seasons, he has put them in his rear view mirror and is ready to deliver what the fans so desperately covet.



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