Breaking News: Eagles sign WR Alshon Jeffery to 4-year, $52M extension

Breaking News: As per ESPN’s Tim Mcmanus, the Philadelphia Eagles have signed wide receiver Alshon Jeffery to a four-year contract extension that runs through the 2021 season. The deal is worth $52 million and also includes $1 million per year in incentives and $27 million in guarantees.

Jeffery, 27, has 43 catches for 619 yards and 7 touchdowns through 11 games this season. Five of those touchdowns have come during the past four games. Although Jeffery has not been the saviour of the Philadelphia Eagles, as many expected, his presence alone has created opportunities for Nelson Agholor and Zach Ertz. Since the opposing team’s best defensive back (DB) is covering Jeffery, their second and third DBs are given the task to contain Agholor and Ertz, creating opportunities for them. It appears that Jeffery’s presence has had a trickle down effect on the entire offense, particularly the third and fourth options on offense.  

In today’s NFL, $13 million per year is costly, especially considering the Eagles current cap situation. The contract has the T-7th most per-year value of all WR contracts (T.Y Hilton). $27M guaranteed and $6.75M guaranteed/year are both good enough for 5th-most expensive. Given Philadelphia’s already tenuous cap circumstances, Roseman’s decision to extend Jeffery speaks volumes about how much Jeffery means to the offense and specifically the development of Carson Wentz. Last year, Wentz struggled on offense due to a lack of weapons around him. But, during the offseason, the mastermind, Howie Roseman, was able to add solid pieces to surround him. The results have been mind blowing as the Eagles are currently 10-1 and the best team in the NFL. And yes, as the number one wide receiver on this Eagles team, Jeffery is large reason for that success.

Below is a partial list of the 2019 WR free agent class:

Odell Beckham Jr.
Amari Cooper
Mike Evans
Brandin Cooks
Jordy Nelson
Randall Cobb
Golden Tate
Kelvin Benjamin

Realistically speaking, the Eagles could not have pursued more than half of the players on the list above in the offseason. Players such as Mike Evans, Odell Beckham Jr., Amari Cooper, and Brandin Cooks will demand contracts higher than Jeffery’s. Golden Tate, Randall Cobb, and maybe even Kelvin Benjamin could potentially get contracts close to Jeffery’s. As a result, it is likely that the Eagles would have had to spend the same or if not more for a player of the caliber of Jeffery. Also, it would be tough for the Eagles to lure a player like Odell Beckham Jr. or Amari Cooper

But more importantly, the Eagles would not be 10-1 if it weren’t for Jeffery’s presence. So,  given how Jeffery is already familiar with the Eagles and has led to their current record, he is worth every penny of his extension. But, only time will tell if this was the right now.

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