Fultz Fiasco

Last week, I wrote an article about Markelle Fultz’s disgusting free throw. The developments in the past week have raised serious concern about Fultz’s situation and how the Sixers have handled it. Breaking down the sequence of events will display the chaotic mess.

When the Sixers selected Markelle Fultz with the first overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, nobody could have ever envisioned his rookie season starting out like this. After an excellent summer league, Fultz returned to the Sixers for training camp with an altered himp shot.

Since then, the situation has spiraled completely out of control. Recently, Fultz’s agent, Raymond Brothers, claimed that that Fultz had his shoulder drained. Later, however, he recanted, stating that he actually received a cortisone shot.  

Due to Fultz’s agent’s comments, General manager Bryan Colangelo held a press conference. He heaped the blame on Fultz, suggesting that he decided to change his shot form during the offseason without any guidance from the Sixers- a direct cause of his shoulder pains. In response to Colangelo’s comment, Fultz’s trainer Keith Williams said that Fultz never tried to change his shot over the summer. But, general manager and head coach Bryan Colangelo and Brett Brown believe otherwise.

Due to the chaotic situation, the Sixers and Fultz mutually agreed that he would sit out the next three games.At this point, we do not know the full story to declare whether Fultz of the Sixers are to blame. However, one thing is clear: Fultz should not have drastically changed his shot over the offseason. In college, Fultz shot a respectable 41.3 percent from the three point line- 7 percent higher than the league average. Due to his success in college, Fultz would have to be foolish to alter his shot. As a result, I believe that Fultz is lacking confidence, and, thus, is looking for excuses. Fultz needs to take several games off and let his shoulder fully heal, assuming there is some pain. But, he needs to start practicing his old jumpshot, which worked well for him in his lone season at Washington. I would like to end this video optimistically, so I included Fultz’s highlights from Washington which made him worthy of the first overall pick.

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