The Wait Was Worth It

As Philadelphia 76ers fans, we have waited for this day for a long time. The process has spanned for the past decade, and it finally appears that we have the young talent to start competing for the playoffs. Last night was the first time Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz stepped onto a basketball court together. They were given the opportunity to play on national television, giving fans a glimpse of their potential.

Down by two with a minute left in the game,  Redick missing a game-tying three on the last big possession, the final score was 120–115, Wizards. The Sixers were able to go toe to toe against a team, consisting of two all stars and a rising player in Otto Porter Jr, displaying that we are fully capable of competing for a playoff spot this year. It is clear that Ben Simmons will be handling the ball, continuing to find players in transition. Additionally, Brett Brown is going to heavily rely on his three point shooters- Robert Covington and J.J Redick- to help on the offensive end. To take the pressure off of Simmons, Brown will surround Simmons with shooters, allowing Simmons to display his passing abilities.  Although Embiid played a limited amount, his hustle and scrappy play displayed why Philadelphia loves him. Per usual, he was efficient, managing 18 points and 13 rebounds in 27 minutes along with a couple of blocks

In conclusion, despite losing to the Wizards, the fans were given glimpses of the true potential of this team, further exciting the City of Philadelphia.  If you listen to any sports talk radio or simply talk with anyone from Philadelphia, we are fervent and optimistic about the Sixers future because it feels that we are in the process of creating something special. What makes it even more alluring is that we waited so long for this day, making this season even more sweeter. Therefore, the current Sixers team is symbolic for us fans; to understand the feeling that compels us to believe in the Sixers, you need to be from Philadelphia— the best sports city in America.


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