Joel Embiid Minutes Restriction

As a Sixers fan, I am upset how they have handled the Joel Embiid situation. What is frustrating about the entirety of the situation is that Embiid is heading into his fourth season; at this point, the Sixers need to let Embiid prove himself because he is no longer their prized rookie. Instead of looking out for Embiid’s well being, protecting him for the future, they need to let him play a full game. If he cannot produce for us right now, then when will that time come? We have already waited four years to see his talent, and likely we will have to wait another season until he on the court without any minutes restrictions. Nevertheless, Embiid managed 18 points and 13 rebounds in 27 minutes along with a couple of blocks. Embiid’s talent has been evident for some time now, but his desire to hustle and contest every shot is what makes him a generational talent, depicting his passion. Embiid gives it his all to the extent that I worry he will reinjure his fragile legs.

For the rest of the season, I envision Embiid playing in the pick and roll with Ben Simmons; last year, Embiid shot a respectable 37.6 percent from the three point line, displaying his shooting proficiency. What makes Embiid unique is his double threat ability; he forces defenders to guard him tightly on the three point line, opening up spaces in the paint. During the early moments of the game, Embiid displayed his double threat: he pump faked a three point shot, then went hard to the basket. The defender was forced to play tight on his due to his three point presence, creating space for him to drive to the basket.

Below is a clip of the possession:

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