Breaking News: Joel Embiid agrees to $148 million contract extension.

Breaking News: As per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, Joel Embiid reached a five year, $148 million designated rookie-scale maximum extension. Despite merely playing 31 total games since arriving to the league, the 76ers were willing to take a huge gamble. The Sixers did take into account that Embiid has suffered foot injuries. They protected themselves with “salary-cap protection” in the case that Joel Embiid has another setback. Although the Sixers have protected their future cap space with protection, Embiid will make his $148 million unless the Sixers waive him. Therefore, the Sixers would have to waive Embiid for him to not make the full value of his $148 million contract extension.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Embiid could earn an additional $30 million if he is able to meet the criteria of the deal. The criteria includes winning Defensive Player of the Year, winning the Most Valuable Player award, or making it to the first All-NBA teams. If Embiid is able to capitalize on his bonus, it would become a 5 year extension for $178 million. 

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