Joel Embiid Update

Update: As per Jessica Camerato on twitter, Joel Embiid will not be playing in tomorrow night’s preseason game. However, he was a full participant at Sunday’s practice, participating in five on five drills for the second time; it appears that the Sixers are preparing him to be ready for the season opener, disregarding the preseason. It is important that Joel Embiid is fully healthy before we see him out on the court. Nevertheless, it is getting to the point where they need to just let him play, considering that it is his final year of his contract. At this point, Embiid is no longer a rookie- he is 23 years old who needs to assert himself before the Sixers should give him a maximum contract. As Sixers fans, we hope that Embiid is ready for the opener and is able to play at 28 minutes. Embiid will likely have a minutes restrictions; therefore, 28 minutes is fair for the opener.

Below I have included the video of Joel Embiid practicing five on five from Thursday. His presence is evident, as he is goes up for a monster block on his teammate JJ Redick.

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