The Emergence of Rhys Hoskins

As the Phillies season came to a disappointing end, I wanted to highlight that there is excitement surrounding the young prospects that are expected to make their season long debuts next year.  

The emergence of Rhys Hoskins has given Phillies fans hope for the future. Hoskins finished the season with a .259 batting average along with 18 home runs and 46 RBIs. What made his season impressive was that he only needed 41 games to total 45 career RBI. According ESPN Stats & Info, it was the fewest in MLB history. Joe DiMaggio was the closest in 1936, as he needed 43 games to accomplish the same achievement. Moreover, Hoskins was able to hit 18 home runs in merely 34 games; the previous record for hitting 18 home runs was 44 games. Thus, Hoskins accomplished the feat in ten fewer games.

What is alluring about Hoskins is not only his beautiful swing with ample power but also his plate discipline; other young players like  Trevor Story, Aaron Judge, and Cody Bellinger struck out far more than they walked. To display Hoskins prowess at the plate, I am going to do a comparison between Judge and Hoskins. I took some basic statistics and compared them head to head. From these statistics, it is clear that Aaron Judge strikes out a much higher rate than that of Rhys Hoskins. Also, it is clear that that Hoskins has a significantly better Walks to Strikeouts ratio. My point is clear here that Hoskins is able to produce at a high rate while being disciplined at the plate. It is important to note that Judge has a much larger sample than that of Hoskins so we cannot conclude anything because Hoskins played a third of that of Judge.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 3.38.15 PM

Next I want to bring up another question regarding the Rookie of the year. While I know that rookie of the year award is given to a player in each conference, I wanted to compare Hoskins and Judge. I assumed that both players played 162 games. I understand that this would not properly represent their performances due to the lack of games played by Hoskins. However, I compared the following just to create hypothetical scenarios.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 3.37.44 PM

In the image above, it is clear that Hoskins would have an historic season if he was able to play a full season at the pace he played at during his fifty games. All the data shows that Hoskins is the better player; not only would he have won the rookie of the year but he would have been able to win the MVP without any doubts. It certainly would have been exciting to see Hoskins be able to start from the begining season. There would have been a lot of news and coverage, comparing Hoskins and Judge. Both players have similar physical traits as they are tall players with ample power. As Phillies fans, we just hope that Hoskins is just the first of many promising prospects. I hope you enjoy the video below of Hoskins and all of his 18 home runs.


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